Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Orgasmic Yoga Homework

June can be a slow month for folk who work in the erotic industry.  The weather is cooler and spending slows down and then picks up again after the 1st July.  I've seen two male Tantra newbies today and both guys experienced full-body orgasm.  At the end of their Tantra sessions I gave them masturbation homework (Orgasmic Yoga) to practise at home.  They are to do 7 sessions by themselves and then book another Tantra session with me. 

Orgasmic Yoga -  The goal of the masturbation homework is to teach the male body (container) to expand and hold more erotic energy.  To explode oneself into other dimensions of male orgasm the body needs to be able to safely hold a massive charge.  It's sort of like building orgasmic fitness or raising the human bodys vibration to safely experience more intensity. 

Orgasmic Yoga saves money - It can be very expensive to visit a Tantra Goddess, so if my male Tantra newbies can do some practise at home, they have the opportunity to become multi-orgasmic in a quicker time-frame.  Practise makes perfect and males learn to experience a richer full body orgasm (and then multiples) when their body can harness and save erotic energy. 

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