Thursday, 14 June 2012

Male Multiple Orgasm - Friday 15June12

Dr F - A 20 Minute Orgasm.  Dr F hit multiple peaks of orgasm and ended his session with The Big Draw.  Dr F decided not to ejaculate at the end of his session.

Feedback:  An experience I didn't expect.  I had a Tantric session in the UK, the session left me somewhat disappointed and I didn't experience a Full-Body orgasm.  An excellent Tantric session and I will be back! 

Edward - 4 Minutes of Orgasm and then ejaculation.

Feedback:  An awesome experience.  I learnt a heap about my male orgasm and I also understand more about female energy and coaching a female to a more intense orgasm.

Mick - 2 Minutes of Orgasm and then ejaculation.

Feedback:  I am a person who comes too quickly.  I want to learn to last longer.  In my Tantric session I lost track of time, it was a great learning experience to last and have a 2 minute orgasm.  I will practise my Orgasmic Yoga homework and I will see you again!

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