Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bondassage Brisbane

Today was awesome!  Geoff returned for his second Tantra appointment and we decided that he would sample a Bondassage session with handcuffs, a blindfold, headphones and teasing BDSM toys.  Geoff is a high profile businessman, he has read about the BSDM experience of subspace, so he was very keen to sample Bondassage with erotic Tantra Touch techniques. 

Geoff left his session with a smile from ear to ear.  Not only did he feel extremely relaxed with full-body tingles, he also experienced nearly 30 minutes of full-body and multiple orgasms with g-spot stimulation. 

Learning to last longer and experience high intensity orgasms with delayed ejaculation (or non-ejacultion) is easy for a male to learn.  Just about every male who visits my Aspley studio for an erotic session will experience full-body orgasm on the first session. 

Geoff's experience of nearly a 30 minute full-body orgasm was the result of a 2 hour Bondassage session with loads of slow sensual genital stimulation, slow breathing (the taoist micro-cosmic orbit), PC squeezes, g-spot stimulation, rosebud titillation and my soft magic hands!

Congratulations Geoff, you just joined a very exclusive club "Male Multiple Orgasm".  There are not many men worldwide who are members, probably less than 1% of the male population, however, there are many gifted Tantra Goddesses in Australia and across the globe that are very enthusiastic about teaching and coaching the experience of male full-body and multiple orgasm.  We are slowly making a difference! 

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