Monday, 4 June 2012

A Large Penis - Update of Nathan's Story about an Inability to get Rock Hard

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Nathan's Testimonial   (by Email to Aleena)

As a man with a larger penis most people would think me blessed, but that wasn't the case, until I met Aleena.

For the longest time maintaining an erection during intercourse was almost impossible and it wasn't until I had my first tantric session that this began to change.

Whilst during the session I was unable to become erect I could feel more energy course through my body as Aleena used her firm grip and focused her energy on the shaft of my penis.

After my Tantra session I felt mixed emotions as I hadn't felt such energy before, but I was still unable to get hard.

I felt somewhat empty but that all changed after my conversation with Aleena who instructed me to try PC muscle exercises.

After just a week of doing 5-10 minute sessions and working my PC muscles I felt new sensations that I hadn't felt before.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I'm now able to maintain a full erection and I'm enjoying an active sex life again. 

From, Nathan (by Email)

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