Friday, 29 June 2012


That you Mistress for a wonderful 2 hour Bondassage experience on Monday 25th June 2012. 
I was very apprehensive at first, however you made me feel at home and relaxed pretty much right away (you have a great warming smile...)
After understanding what I was about to go experience, I was shortly blindfolded with headphones on, (visual sensory deprivation) and "THAT IS WHERE THE FUN BEGAN!"
There is no real way to describe the Bondassage experience, you will just have to find out for yourself, however I lost count of the amount of times I orgasm'd over the two hours!
Even on the way home I was having mini orgasms along the way.
Guys, Gals and Couples, go see Mistress Aleena, I will guarantee it will be a adventure you will never forget, (and wanting for more)!    Rob via Email 30June 2012
WOW Rob, many multiple orgasms, yes men can orgasm for long periods before they ejaculate!  (or decide to not ejaculate at all!!!!)  And mini orgasms on the way home.  Golly I love being a pleasure coach!  The intensity of erotic energy and the orgasm HIGH is infinite in every human being.  What I mean here is we are not on the earth long enough to discover the orgasmic possibilities our human bodies can experience!
Mistress Aleena  30 June 2012

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