Friday, 8 June 2012

Bondassage Pleasure Overload and Richard

A magic day today of Light BDSM Pleasure!  Richard returned for his second Bondassage session.  I love working with Richard because he easily surrenders to pleasure and succumbs to many multiple orgasms as he lays blindfolded and restrained on my massage table to enjoy his Bondassage experience. 

Bondassage is a combination of pleasure overload and intimate body touch. Today, Richard yielded to my soft magic hands and sensation play with feathers, silk scarfs, vampire gloves, my love-heart horse whip, a purple rabbit fur flogger, my cat-o-nine-tails leather whip and the cane (just like school).   

The icing on the cake was my attention to detail regarding Richard's more intimate and private body parts.  Nothing compares to gentle Rosebud stimulation, coconut oil and a micro-tingler vibrator!  Richard left my studio feeling completely relaxed and proclaiming he had once again thoroughly enjoyed another Mistress Aleena experience.

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