Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tantra Kinkassage and Kegel Exercises

I had an awesome day today. 

Session One: My first client (Peter) an older gentleman 70's.  He first visited me, two weeks ago for a half hour Kinkassage session.  Peter enjoyed his erotic experience so much that he has returned today for my Tantra Kinkassage appointment.  The result was a two minute orgasm and then ejaculation.  He said he will return in about 2-3 weeks.

Session Two was Jason Tantra Kinkassage.  Jason 40's is a very sturdy fit european man.  During his session Jason described his experience saying "I feel like my whole body is alive & vibrating.  I can feel energy in my lower abdominals.  I feel turned on all over even though I am not rock hard at the moment."   Jason was an incredible first time Tantra student and quickly learned my tantra techniques.  Jason's session ended with a long slow teasing Tantra hand relief and a 4 to 5 minute full-body / multiple orgasm.  Jason said "My full-body orgasm was so powerful.  The orgasm feeling I felt when I ejaculated was so insignificant compared to the explosion my body felt all over for 4 to 5 minutes".  Jason said he would have a smile on his face for the rest of the day!

Session Three:  Mark 50's Businessman Tantra Kinkassage.  Another happy customer and an orgasm that reached two peaks (climaxes) and then ejaculation. 

Today's feedback:  One of the men I saw today had a larger penis and his PC muscle was weak.  To have a full-body orgasm males need a strong PC muscle to easily power their erotic energy from their genitals into a full-body experience of orgasm.  If a male has a weak PC muscle he has to rely on his quads and hamstrings to power his erotic energy upwards.  In addition it is harder to reach orgasm when the penis is 95% erect.  Kegel exercises are the answer.

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