Monday, 28 May 2012

A LARGE Penis - Nathan's Story

When it comes to penises, bigger isn't always better. It may be impressive on film (the late porn star John Holmes allegedly boasted a 13.5-inch-long penis) but reality is a different story.

On Friday 6/4/12,  I met a young man of 23 who booked an appointment to learn Tantra and experience a more intense orgasm.  Nathan had an impressive and wide 9 inches, however over the past couple of years he had become increasingly frustrated because even though he could last forever during intercourse, he just couldn't feel any intensity, this was because his large penis was not getting fully engorged when he had an erection. 

During Nathan's erotic Tantra appointment I talked to him about exercising and strengthening his PC (pubococcygeus) muscle so he could build a stronger and harder erection.  A strong PC muscle can strengthen a males erection and increase the sensations of his orgasm. The Pubococcygeus muscle is the muscle that a male squeezes to cut off urination.

Great News!!!

On Wednesday 9/5/12 I received an awesome text from Nathan.  Not only had Nathan listened to my advice, he immediately started practising strengthening and building a stronger pubococcygeus muscle.  His feedback is that he is practising 5 minutes every day.  Here is Nathan's text... 
"Hello Aleena, I just wanted to thank you again for suggesting the PC muscles exercises, it's completely changed the more intimate side of my life.  And what's better is that I think there is still a lot of improvement to come.  Sincerely Nathan".
Nathans Update

Nathan phoned me today 29/5/12 with some more information about his daily PC muscle exercises.  He is having regular intercourse with a rock hard penis.  He is extremely happy with his results and I am sure he will continue to exercise his PC muscles for the rest of his life!  Nathan is going to book an appointment with me in the next week to personally show me the results - I can't wait!!! 

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